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Biofile Harry Cicma Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: CBS Sports Anchor Miami and New England. Founder of Harry Cicma Productions LLC.

DOB: February 18,1982 In: Providence, RI

Early memory of TV broadcasting: I remember starting my TV Career at Classical High School in Providence Rhode Island, hosting the morning TV Show for the school; and I also look back at Freshman year at Rutgers University, when I first joined the Student Radio Station, announcing games on WRSU 88.7 FM Radio

Inspirations: I always am inspired when I see people succeed in business, and socially, while still being polite and honest and fair to others.  It’s taken a lot of work to accomplish the things I have, in the competitive world of TV and Sports, but I have always tried to be honest, fair and polite, in order to also inspire others that you can succeed in that manner

Last book read: Every day I read articles and the newspaper, but the last full book was many years ago. 

First famous person you met or encountered: The first famous person I ever met was in Florida when I was five years old. My parents, sister and I were at a hotel for a business conference that my dad was attending, and I was able to meet Boston Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski, and I still have the autograph he gave me, from that moment. 

First job: My first job in TV was when I was a junior at Rutgers and I worked as a logger for CBS Sports and their national TV coverage of the US Open.  The next year, I had my first on air job as a play by play announcer for US Open Radio and the US Open World Feed TV. 

Greatest moment of your career: Being able to anchor sports in my home cities… NBC Providence, WNBC New York and CBS Miami, means the most to me.  I also appreciate the honor of emcee’ing at Madison Square Garden and Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open.

Most painful moment of your career: No moments have been painful, because they have taught me to be better and work harder. But I remember being up for a sports anchor job in Albuquerque New Mexico, after my first anchor job in Sioux City Iowa, and they told me after the interview that I had the job, but the next day, they said they hired someone else, so at that moment when I was 23 years old, I was disappointed.   But it ended up being a blessing, because a week later, I was hired by CBS Springfield Massachusetts, and that opened the door for me to be back home on the East Coast.

Favorite movies: Any Given Sunday, Big, with Tom Hanks, Varsity Blues.

Favorite artists: My great tennis friend from Rhode Island, Brendan Murphy, also Justin Bieber and DJ Tiesto.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla, with chocolate sprinkles and waffle cone.

Funny career memory: When I was covering Hurricane Sandy on NBC News, and sand was flying into my face and mouth, I said “it tasted like seafood.”  Ellen Degeneres ended up putting the clip on her show that week

Embarrassing career memory: On my second day on the job at WNBC New York, I had post nasal drip and lost my voice on the air for a minute during the sports highlights.  

Hobbies/interests/leisure activities: Of course playing tennis, and I love real estate, and renovating properties. 

Childhood dream: To play professional tennis, Division 1 college tennis, and be a sports anchor in NYC, Miami and Providence.

Favorite sports: Tennis, basketball, football.

Favorite athletes to watch: Daniil Medvedev and Tom Brady.

People qualities most admired: In tennis, Andre Agassi was my hero growing up. He literally led to most of my successes, on and off the court in high school and college.  Not only did I love his game style, and demeanor, but most importantly, the way he battled from heartbreaks in life, and through his divorce with Brooke Shields, to eventually fight back and have a life and career filled with love and soul.  In TV, I have always respected and loved Jim Nantz’s style… professional and charismatic with his pacing.  

Great mentors… I want to thank the great CBS sports anchor, Otis Livingston, whom I interned with while at Rutgers.  Otis has been a great example, and also George Veras from CBS, who taught me about production. And Jon Miller and Gary Quinn from NBC, who helped me since day one; and my representative Matthew Kingsley. 

(Note: First met the charismatic Harry Cicma at the US Open as we both were covering the tournament about a decade ago. We connected, eventually became friends and tennis training partners.)

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