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Biofile Jenna Jameson Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

STATUS: Former porn star. Pop culture figure, author, entrepreneur.

HT: 5-4   WT: 104

DOB: April 9, 1974  IN: Las Vegas, Nevada

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: “I like to waterski, snowboard and shop. And sex falls in there somewhere. I play golf. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, so you pretty much have no choice. I’m good at hitting the ball. Just not very good at putting it in the hole. The best part of golf is beer bonging when you’re driving the carts [laughs].”

CHILDHOOD DREAM: “I studied ballet for 13 years. So I wanted to be a ballerina. That’s why I wanted to be a showgirl, because I couldn’t be a ballerina. Because I have size ‘D’ boobs. So that cut my dream short.”

FAVORITE MEAL: “I’m on a health food kick now. But if I’m gonna cheat, garlic mashed potatoes.”

FAVORITE BREAKFAST CEREAL: “The Kelloggs one with the freeze dried strawberries in it (Special K Red Berries). You can tell I don’t do my own shopping!”

FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR: “Pina colada gellati. It’s an Italian ice cream.”

FIRST JOB: “I modeled at Wet ‘n Wild outdoor water park in Las Vegas when I was 15. Then my first real job was at Baskin-Robbins when I was 16. I was there for a week and a half. Until the day when they made me mop. I put the mop down and left [laughs].”

FIRST CAR: “1996 champagne gold-beige Chevy Corvette convertible. Which I worked very hard for.”

FAVORITE MOVIES: “Scarface, Jay & Silent Bob, Something About Mary. I love horror films – Pumpkinhead, all the Halloweens. And Some Like It Hot. I love Marilyn Monroe. I liked 9 1/2 Weeks too.”

MUSICAL TASTES: “I’m very diverse when it comes to music. R&B, 112, Brian McKnight. It just depends on the mood, sometimes I like Disturbed or P.O.D. And Hip-hop too, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg.”

PRE-PERFORMANCE FEELING: “I get really nervous. I talk to my dad about it. Sometimes I get so freaked out, I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack. He says, No, it’s good that I actually care about my performance. I care about how I do. I get a little freaked out. But I always end up delivering.”

FUNNY CAREER MEMORY: “It’s always an adventure when you’re in the airports. I travel a lot. And a lot of the time I travel alone. It’s scary when an entire football team comes up to me, wanting pictures with me…a 100 lb. girl with a bunch of 300 lb. guys. It’s happened with lots of teams, college and pro. I remember the Steelers. Jerome Bettis, I’m good friends with him. He’s a really cool guy. He came down to one of my dance gigs. So I started collecting Polaroids of all the sports stars who come to my dance gigs. I pretty much get recognized wherever I go. I can’t go to the grocery store without people following me up and down the aisles, asking for autographs. I think a lot of that comes from all my appearances on the Howard Stern Show and all my hosting stints on the E! Channel. Not necessarily from all my adult work.”

FAVORITE PERFORMERS TO WORK WITH: “I’d have to say Briana Banks. She’s awesome. My very good friend. She’s like my daughter, just darling. There’s a lot of people I want to work with. Like I have an obsession with Britney Spears. She needs to come to the dark side [laughs]. No (we haven’t met yet). But I plan on it very soon.”

GREATEST CAREER MOMENT(S): “I remember one of the biggest things was walking down alone on the red carpet in Cannes, at the premiere of Mission Impossible. I was walking down and I was a little bit worried that no one would recognize me, because I was walking down alone. But one person screamed out, ‘Jenna!’ And the whole place went crazy, all the paparazzi just started clicking away. And it was like blinding. And when I spoke at Oxford University in England. In a debate on the right to be a pornographer. I went to the podium and debated against the experts,   (against the proposition of “The House Believes That Porn Is Harmful.”). And I won the debate, which was cool, 247-65. That was neat. I said my prepared piece and it seemed to win the people over in my favor. Now I can say I spoke at Oxford University like the Dalai Lama and Michael Jackson.”

MOST PAINFUL MOMENT: “I try to be as positive as possible. I think I got to a point in my career when people got sick of me being positive about myself and my career and they decided they wanted to try and find some dirt on me. The point when I started defending myself. I embraced it and things are working out for me. I started doing a lot of mainstream things which brought attention. And I started to speak out on women’s rights. I had to study and prepare myself on things, to sound intellectual.”

MOVIES I’M MOST PROUD OF: “That’s a really hard question. Probably one of the hardest I’ve ever been asked. I’ve done so many incredible films in my career. Briana Loves Jenna was my very first production from my production company. It was a huge step for me and it turned out to be very successful. I’m proud of the epic films I’ve done like Dream Quest and Flashpoint. They’re like something you’d see on HBO. If you want to see what I’m really about – incredibly hot sex and beautiful women – then you need to see Briana Loves Jenna and I Dream of Jenna.”

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: “St. Bartholomay, the French West Indies off of Florida. That’s where I shot my calendar.”

LAST HALLOWEEN COSTUME: “I think I was Snow White. Gone blond [smiles]. Two years ago.”

PEOPLE MOST ADMIRED: “To me the most attractive qualities in the world are a strong, driven and successful woman. Madonna is my idol. And she takes no crap. No, I haven’t met her, but I really want to.”

SOME OF JENNA’S FILMS: Baby Doll, Cherry Pie, Hard Evidence, Hell On Wheels, I Love Lesbians #1, Please Come Inside Me, The F Zone, Up & Cummers #10, 18 & Dripping #10, Briana Loves Jenna, Diver Down, I Dream Of Jenna, Lip Service.

Jenna Jameson on Bill O’Reilly Show

(I can’t remember how I got the chance to Biofile Jenna but we did do it. -SM)

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