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Biofile Heidi Albertsen Interview

Heidi Albertsen

By Scoop Malinowski

Status:  Model, actress.

Ht: 5-10

Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Hobbies/Interests:  “Living life, being with friends and family which are important. Nature. I look at a tree and smile. I climbed Kilimanjaro for an IMAX film with the same director who did Everest – David Breashears. I photograph – which I enjoy a lot. After being on the other side of the camera for about 11 years now – I started very young – I do art. I love art, sketching, painting, drawing, sculptures. I have a lot of things I do. I recently started to learn how to play tennis and golf. Running. Anything athletic. I recently tried to water ski. And I love jet skiing. And I just love new adventures and great fun. Just always something challenging, adventurous.”

Favorite Movies:  “Gone With The Wind, An Affair To Remember, Out of Africa – Robert Redford, Meryl Streep – love that movie. Just something that warms your soul and heart.”

Musical Tastes:  “Anything that fits the mood. Maybe not heavy metal. I don’t go there, heavy heavy metal. I like songs that touch your heart – that makes you goosebump, makes you warm around your heart…Enya, Era, Abba, Andrea Bocelli.”

Last Book Read:  “Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.” 

Favorite Artist:  “Picasso.”

First Celebrity You Met Or Encountered:  “Sean Connery. I sat next to him at a private dinner in the Bahamas.”

First Job:  “Was a newspaper deliverer when I was 10 (in Denmark).”

First Car:  “I’ve only rented [laughs]. But does it count? I like renting because you get to try everything.”

Greatest Career Moment:  “Oh my God, I have a couple. Maybe when I won the Look of the Year, the Elite thing. Then I shot with dolphins which is an extraordinary shoot because they’re so miraculous and spiritual. I recently did it for the second time – first in Australia, second in Bahamas – and I’m so thankful and grateful that I did that. It’s just an amazing experience that people should do. And doing the climb at the Kilimanjaro film. Or wild things – I’ve shot on a cutout on ice for Escada at Richard Fair’s studio in Milan. Or up in Nice in the mountains with Albert Wetson. Or running up the staircases in the opera house in Paris for Pamela Hansen, the great photographer. I did a story for Bladerunner, wrapped around in a snake in this sleek black dress, really cool story. And I’ve got a couple of favorite ones. I like something that makes you want to think, sometimes you have to study, like something like a movie or an art piece that day before, and really put work into it.”

Most Painful Moment:  “The…what is it called when you don’t get chosen? (Rejection.) Yeah, the rejection.”

Funny Career Memory:  “In my career? [Laughs] oh my goodness. Yeah. You just gotta look at life positively. One time I took – you know, sometimes it goes really fast and fashion is a little weird these days – and I think I put the shirt on my bottom because I thought it was a skirt. And I came out in…that’s kind of funny isn’t it?! We were all worked and tired and jet-lagged and I just made a new fashion statement. It was an innocent mistake. That’s something I can laugh at. I laugh at my own silly mistakes. I make ‘em all the time. But I try not to.”

Childhood Dream:  “I was gonna be…I was gonna invent things. I was always very creative. Or I was gonna travel the world, no matter what. And I saw this guy one time and he had a ship with all his stuff from all over the world. And I thought, That would be great to do, an exhibition. Or I was gonna paint the world, or I was gonna become a pilot or something that would take me traveling. And I’m very thankful that my career’s done it. And I still sketch the world and I collect pieces here and there and maybe one day I will have an exhibition of it, who knows.”

Favorite Meal:  “I love tuna. My girlfriend goes the other day, ‘Still eating a lot of tuna?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I switch throughout the years. I used to eat a lot of meat. I don’t do that anymore. I love greens – I think they’re really good for you too. (How do you like your tuna?) Raw, medium rare, out of the can. And they have ‘em in envelopes now, so when if you fly. Which I do a lot, you just bring it with you. If you don’t like the food, there you go, got your tuna.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  “Nugha – it’s kind of like a cross between vanilla and chocolate, it’s nutty.”

People Qualities Most Admired:  “When they have a good heart. And they’re respectful, warm and kind and loving and spiritual. And they have a goal in life, something to wake up to. They have to believe in something. I believe that’s very important in people’s life. I’m Protestant Christian – I respect all religions, as long as you believe in something. You have to have a plan. And I believe that to find that purpose in life, I mean, we’re all here to learn, we’re all here to teach, we’re all students, we’re all teachers. We’re all on different paths and so you gotta find your own and not give up and really believe and have faith. And I think that makes good people. And if you have a good heart and an open mind, you can see those things. And just try. Little by little. And that’s a quality I like in people – good people with good values and morals.”

Career Accomplishments:  As a model she was the Elite Model Look of the Year and appeared on the covers of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Woman, M, among others. As an actress she appeared in films such as: National Treasure, Zoolander, Celebrity, Tempting Adam. Also, she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice and was the winner of the New York Health & Racquet Club Marathon.

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