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Biofile Ryan Seacrest Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: Hollywood show business entrepreneur and TV presenter. Host of “American Idol” and “Live With Kelly And Ryan.” Host of radio shows “American Top 40″ with Ryan Seacrest and “On Air” with Ryan Seacrest. In September 2024 will become host of game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

DOB December 24, 1974 In: Atlanta, CA

Hobbies/Interests: “My work is my hobby. I work a lot, Scoop. When I’m not working, I like to go out to different, new places and eat. Dining is a hobby. Also wine tasting and wine collecting.”

Childhood Dream(s): “Chef. I used to cook with my mother often. My first love was radio and TV. When I was nine, I’d shut my bedroom door and make radio tapes of like Countdown shows or pretending I was a disk jockey. I’d also set up the videotape recorder in the living room and pretend I was an anchor on the news. When my friends were outside playing at the creek, I was pretending I was on the radio and TV.”

First Job: “At a radio station – Star 94 in Athens, Georgia. I was the gopher, the ‘get the coffee’ boy. Made about a dollar an hour (age 16).”

First Car: “1985 maroon Peugeot 505 STI.”

First TV Appearance: “Was on the local news in Atlanta, a sound byte of me at Six Flags. And the story was ‘How Kids in Atlanta are Spending their Summer Vacation.’ I just happened to be the one kid they put on the news (age 11).”

Favorite Meal: “Italian. I love authentic Italian pizza and pasta. With a glass of red wine and I’m happy.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Cookie dough, chocolate, peanut butter. A combination.”

Embarrassing Career Memory: “I guess when I first moved to Los Angeles in 1994. You know, you have to go on auditions to get work. And I loathe the audition process and I’m so insecure when it comes to auditions. I find it very difficult. I’d drive to auditions many times and I’d get to the waiting room and I’d see all the people wanting the same thing that I want. I’d get sick to my stomach so many times that I’d actually go to the bathroom and many times leave and not audition…just because I got so scared. That’s kind of embarrassing.”

Greatest Career Moment: “I feel like I’ve been fortunate to have had multiple great moments in my career. The first one when I got the radio job in L.A. – in 1995 at Star 98.7. I think that that was a big deal for me. That was what I thought was the greatest moment in my career. Another great moment was when I got the job to host American Idol.”

Most Painful Moment: “Hosting a show for the Family Channel back in ‘94 called Wild Animal Games. My co-host was a chimpanzee. And the contestants were all kids under the age of 10. That was difficult to control [laughs].”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Honest. Passionate. Driven. And, you know, very quick-witted.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Tuscany.”

Last Halloween Costume: “I don’t like Halloween. I was boring, like a doctor I think.”

Personal Heroes: “My mom and dad were very tight and I think that they’re certainly my role models and my inspiration. When I first started doing what I’m doing, I wanted to do it because I love doing it. But I also wanted to make them proud.”

Dream Job: “I think I have my dream job. I think my dream goal is to continue working in both radio and TV for a long time.”

Funny Career Memory: “I was making out on a date with a girl (Tiffany) in the car. And the LAPD knocked on the window. We were in an unusual state at that point and he made us get out of the car and explain why we were pulled over in a red zone and what we were doing. At which point, he did recognize me and he said that he’d let me off as long as I told the embarrassing story on the radio the next day.”

(Note: I was commissioned to do this Biofile in the early 2000s for DirecTV Guide.)

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