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Biofile Kai-Li Ma Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: Model and owner of Mopsi The Uni Pig fashion line.

Born in: Hamburg, Germany

Residence: Montreal, Quebec

Childhood Dream: I think I’m living my childhood dream. I just wanted to be a kid with money and live by the water and drive a sick Jeep and be married to Michael Jackson…except the MJ part [smiles]. I never wanted to have a normal job and I never did a great success.

Favorite Movies: Old Boy – original version. Great Expectations. Red Dragon. Hannibal. Serial killers anything. 00’s romance comedies.

First Job: I’ve been modeling since I was thirteen. A modeling job was my first paying job – as a tourist in an ad for the election in Hamburg, Germany. $500 Duetsche mark. Right after the shoot I went and bought Nike sneakers for $260. I signed with an agency when I was seventeen.

Funny Career Memory: I did a TVC for Nike that was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who also shot the movie Drive. It was one of the most exhausting and physically demanding shoots I have ever done because I had to sprint through little alleyways for three days straight, which translated to just 1.5 seconds on screen. But the outcome is totally worth the pain. 

What Brings You Joy: Tons of things…food, bed, freedom, friends and family, watching movies [laughs], so many things bring me joy. But I think I’m happiest when I do what I want or am with someone I love – doing anything.

Clients: Nike, Beats by Dre, Diesel, H&M, Converse,, Wella, Dolby Atmos, L’Oreal, VICE, Adidas, Elle Magazine and Vogue.

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