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Biofile Daniel Anderson Interview

By Scoop Malinowski
Status: Artist. Mixed media (sculpted canvas) & installations. ; for inquiries/commissions.
Resides: Montclair, NJ.

Inspirations: Dali, Picasso, Boccioni, Duchamp & Pollock.
Last Book read: The $12 Million Stuffed Dollar Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art.
Favorite Person: Richard Branson  – favorite biographical story, mission and mindset as well.

First Famous Person You Met or Encountered: Cuba Gooding Jr. (Where?) In the meatpacking district, after an event. I met some other celebs, like Anthony Hopkins, but Cuba and I had some fond memories. I haven’t met many: Jamie Foxx and Sean Penn I have, and then some ‘smaller ones’ like Bridget Moynihan – was on a red carpet next to her, actually – and I’m not that important just yet!
Greatest Career  Moment: Giving to charity and portions of sales from art. When a creative expression can help others or their well being, it is most fulfilling. Artistically, it’s always doing a work of art – method, visual and execution – that has never been done. Collectors see such originality in the work, which is flattering in my journey.

Most Painful Moment: Waiting for funding for projects…always seeking investors. Investors always needed.

Hobbies/Interests: Family (twin sister, four siblings, seven nieces/nephews), Time by the ocean – most inspiring energy in the world, Working out/running, tennis, charity.

Funny Career Memory: I presented to a New York City real estate magnate on crutches – full suit and tie – with my presentation case in hand, for art placement in one of their large corporate buildings…better yet, my rep called out sick that morning. Meeting was a success!
Embarrassing Career Memory: Witnessing a gallery director friend argue with another colleague because he was talking to me…an argument that surfaced other things, but escalated to a firing, nonetheless.

People Qualities Most Admired:  A selfless heart, respect for others, humility and random acts of kindness; a genuine perspective on what is really important in life: health and happiness vs. possessions and materialism.

Dan’s work on CBS News New York

Quote: With private collector and investor interest growing, it feels as if a prolific wave of production looms. 
Anderson intimately describes his working state: …To not just tell stories, but reflect upon their very nature, context, altered reality and form.  Such visual capacities (conscious & subconscious) formulate hyper-compositional and relative elements in completing a unique [creative] visual narrative and vision inspired only by the deepest creative energies. Such are part of my ‘Epoch Visions’ –  the surrealistic alteration and presentation of alternative forms (often with symbolic meaning), many of which implore intellectual dialogue.   …to create, convert & transfer what is imaginary to real and give an internal envisioning an original and redefined external [viewing] form.”—Daniel Anderson           

With an aggressive expansion underway, Anderson referenced an Einstein quote:

“One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.”
With a prolific amount of work entering production and in proposals, Anderson’s closing remark: 

“Calling all investors.”

“I have followed Daniel’s career as an artist for more than 12 years and his works are in my personal collection. In his earlier years Daniel was heavily influenced by Picasso’s cubism and the surrealism of Dali. Since then, his work has evolved significantly both in concept and technique, displaying his mastery in conveying the interaction between motion, form and energy. His works on canvas have been well received by my colleagues, who collect his work. His quest for technical perfection is visible in his current mixed media works in which he lets the viewer ponder the perceived and real three-dimensionality of the painted, sculpted canvas. Knowing Daniel personally, it will be a real pleasure following his work in the years to come – in all likelihood, en route to achieving artistic greatness.” Mahinder Tak – Art collector, curator and lecturer, Washington DC, USA

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