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Biofile Alberto Ramirez Suarez

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: Spanish artist based in Berlin, Germany.

First memory of art: Drawing when I was a kid.

Inspirations: Social Network.

Last book read: Dune.

First famous person you met or encountered: In Sweden – Marie Friedriksson (lead singer of pop group Roxette).

First job: Working in a shop.

Prince by Alberto Ramirez Suarez.

Greatest moment of your career: Collaboration with a gallery in New York.

Most painful moment of your career: None.

Favorite artists: Diego Velazquez.

Funny career memory: First exhibition in BCN.

Embarrassing career memory: Meeting with a gallery in Berlin in 2008.

Strangest request: To paint the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Coconut.

Favorite movies: Blade Runner, Cold War, It´’s A Wonderful Life.

People qualities most admired: Kindness, generosity, nobility.

You can see more of the work of Alberto Ramirez here

Bjorn Borg by Alberto Ramirez Suarez.

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