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Biofile: Eli Manning Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status: New York Giants quarterback.

Ht: 6-4 Wt: 218

DOB: January 3, 1981 In: New Orleans, Louisiana

Football Inspirations: I guess I always looked up to my father (Archie). Other football players…I always enjoyed watching Marino play. And Favre. But I guess my father is always the guy I looked up to.

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: Play golf during the off season. I like to watch movies. I like to read.

Nicknames: E, Easy, that’s about it.

Favorite Movies:Caddyshack, Vacation, probably those two.

Dave Choate art work.

Musical Tastes: 80’s. Like, I guess, who do I like…[pause]…I guess people like Boston, Skid Row, maybe Warrant [smiles]. Any of those, some of those.

First Job: Bagging groceries at a grocery store.

First Car: Toyota Four-Runner (green).

Current Car: BMW.

Early Football Memory: Just first beginning, was being in the front yard with my brothers and my friends, just playing two-hand touch football. Nothing really specific.

Favorite Meal: Some type of Italian, some type of spaghetti or pasta.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla.

Pre-Game Feeling: Just focused. Just pretty relaxed. Don’t do a whole lot of talking. Just kinda go over stuff, with receivers or backs. Kinda look through the gameplan one time real quick. But just focused and relaxed.

Greatest Sports Moment: Winning the Super Bowl twice.

Most Painful Moment: Losing to Baltimore in one of my early starts. I hope that’s as low as it gets.

Favorite Uniforms: I like the…hmmm…who do I like…I like the Steelers.

Toughest Competitors Encountered: I’d say Strahan.

Memorable College Game: I guess my senior year at Ole Miss, just going 10-3 and having a great season. We beat Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl 31-28.

Favorite Stadium(s) To Play:  Besides Met Life I guess playing Lambeau Field. The history and tradition of Lambeau, of what it means makes it a lot of fun. Also the great teams and coaches that have come out of Lambeau Field make it special.

On Giants Fans:  New York has great fans. It can be tough when things aren’t going well but there isn’t a better place to win a championship. There’s nothing like bringing a championship to New York. New York likes winners. They respect it. They make it a lot of fun to win a Super Bowl.

Embarrassing Moment: I guess in high school, lining up behind the guard when you’re going up to center. That’s something that always catches you, especially when you see it on film the next day with the team. They always give you a hard time about that [smiles].

People Qualities Most Admired: I think just courteous and very humble.

(Note: This Biofile was done at old Giants Stadium on open media Wednesday.)

Eli Manning art work by Dave Choate.

Eli Manning career highlights

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