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Biofile Martin Truex Interview

By Scoop Malinowski

Status:  Drives the No. 19 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing on the NASCAR Cup Series. Was the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion. Has won 31 career NASCAR Cup Series races.  

Ht:  5-11  Wt: 175  

DOB: June 29, 1980  In: Mayetta, N.J. 

Childhood Heroes:  “My dad. In racing – Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip was a pretty big hero of mine too.” 

Nicknames:  “Never really had a nickname that sticks.” 

Hobbies/Interests:  “A lot of normal stuff that a young guy like me likes to do – I like computers. We do a lot of online racing. I like remote control cars are a lot of fun, I like to mess with them. I used to do a lot of hunting and fishing. I like to snowboard.” 

Favorite Movies:  “Ladies Man [smiles]. Old School [laughs].” 

Favorite TV Shows:  “I don’t really watch much TV.” 

Musical Tastes:  “Mixed. A lot of different kinds of music. Mostly rock though. Lynyrd Skynyrd.” 

First Job:  “First real job, I think I worked at my dad’s race car shop when I was 11 or 12. Just doing whatever he asked me to do.” 

First Car:  “1986 red Jeep.” 

Early Racing Memory:  “A lot of memories. When I first got my first go-kart. That was a pretty huge day in my life. I think I begged my dad for a year to get it for me. And he finally did so that was pretty big for me. I was 11 when I finally got it. Took me a year to get it. But it was worth all the beggin’ [smiles].” 

Favorite Meal:  “Hmmm, shrimp scampi.” 

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:  “Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” 

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  “Mint chocolate chip.” 

Pre-Race Feeling:  “Usually I’m just ready to get in there and get it started. Usually kinda anticipating the race makes you a little nervous sometimes.” 

Greatest Sports Moment:  “Winning Dover (2017), definitely, by far.” 

Most Painful Moment:  “Probably 2002. I was running the Busch North series, I think we had like seven poles and led probably more laps than anybody – and never won a race. That was pretty disappointing.” 

Funny Memory:  “A few years ago we were racing at Talledega, me and Junior were running up there at the front. And this one time I was leading, he was running second. And he flipped over to my channel on the radio and started yelling to ‘GET UP TOP and stop ’em!’ Because he ‘couldn’t hold ’em back no more!’ It was [laughs] pretty funny. He got on there yelling at me (does a Dale imitation), ‘Get up there, I can’t hold ’em off! Come on up here!” 

Closest Racing Friends:  “Now, my dad. Dale Jr. We’ve become pretty close. Ryan Newman. I’d say my dad most.” 

Funniest Drivers:  “There’s a lot of ’em. A lot of characters out here [laughs]. The funniest ones – I’d say Elliot Sadler is pretty high on the list. He’s just funny. He always says something funny to make you laugh.” 

Toughest Competitors Encountered:  “Kyle Busch is pretty tough. Kasey Kahne is pretty tough for me. Greg Biffle.” 

Strange Encounter With A Fan:  “No, other than signing body parts, that’s about it [smiles]. (Any strange requests?) Old ladies bras are pretty scary sometimes [laughs].” 

Favorite Vacation Spot:  “Florida Keys.”

Three Athlete You Like To Watch & Follow:  “I’m a Philadelphia Flyers fan.” 

People Qualities Most Admired:  “I like people that you can trust. That are respectful. Respect other people.”

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